What are the postoperative care options for Hair Transplantation Surgery?

The procedure of hair transplantation is an extremely delicate procedure. Following these instructions for postoperative care is essential to ensure the best results. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with the treatment you receive. We recommend that you contact us with any concerns or concerns. Contact us at our Beverly Hills hair restorationclinic number below for any concerns after the procedure and would like the most effective hair transplant. If the post is not being treated and you are facing a major issue, contact the phone number of the professional you are attending.

Post-Op Care

Instantly post OP

  • A spray bottle and water extract are provided on release. It is possible to utilize tap water if the water you receive is finished.
  • You’ll be required to spray the area you removed and the donor area each 20 minutes during the initial 12 hours. In the process, you will need to wrap sheets of cloth around your arms, and let the liquid run down.
  • You’ll need to blow-dry quickly and make use of both hands to reach all removed areas and donor regions. Avoid touching the hair that has been grafted.
  • Once you’ve completed your twelve hours of spraying it is time to unwind for a while.
  • Drink plenty of fluids this time around and eat your meals the same way as usual.
  • It is possible to place the water bottle of 1L in the refrigerator.
  • Premedication is provided during surgery It is vital that to not suffer afterwards.

Day 1 today , 3

  • Beginning on day one (day following operation) until day 3 you’ll need to sprinkle half-hourly throughout your waking hours, and then rest like you normally do at night.
  • It is possible to use tap water in the event that the solution you are offered is completed
  • Spraying will stop the development of scabs on the transplanted region and also on the donor’s. The grafts that have been transplanted need to be kept hydrated during this time. This is vital to ensure their longevity.

Day 4-Day 14

  • You’ll begin a tea tree shampoo regimen after day four.
  • Make a fresh, clean bowl of warm water, place 10 MLS shampoo into and mix it to create a foamy. Using an empty bowl or cup take the solution out over the area of graft and donor area is cleaned of all soapy solutions. You can gently rub it using a clean towel.
  • The procedure should be repeated at least once per day beginning on day 4 to day 14.
  • Take note that you shouldn’t hold in a shower that is too hot, and don’t wear the hat you wear during this period. Do not put any product to your hair. Dry your hair quickly, but do not dry your hair with a towel or blow-dry it. hair.
  • It’s possible to keep spraying the donor area from the period of 4-14 days to ease any itching. It’s possible to store the bottle of spray in your refrigerator
  • Your stitches must be removed between the 7th day to day 10. It is advisable to go back to HRBR to get them removed.
  • For FUE patients, go to this site Beverly Hills hair restoration for an analysis appointment postoperatively 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Patients with FUE may not develop white crusts on the receiver’s surface between 7 and 10 days after surgery. This isn’t an indication to seek treatment. It is expected to end by day 14.
  • It is recommended to start applying Rogaine at the end of day 14 in order to boost the growth. The application should take place at night, only on the grafted region This can be continued for 6 months or continuously post-operatively.

Day 14 and days after.

  • You could be able to return to your regular routine of washing your hair, but put aside the tea tree shampoo. If you return to the shampoo you used previously Rinse the hair fast with both hands. This will get rid of any crusts that may be present. In this point you may have a haircut as well as color your hair. You can come back with products like shampoos and gels. For patients with FUT We recommend a scissor cut, but only.
  • It is recommended to stay away from intense physical activity for 4 weeks following surgery for FUT and 2 weeks postoperatively for FUE. You must be aware of your exercise routine including swimming, cycling tennis, golf, intense lifting, and vigorous hill-training. This will eliminate any stretch in the marking.
  • When you react to physical activity, it is best to begin slowly and then build slowly to previous levels.

Patients could undergo the following immediate following surgery.

  • Injuries: These usually take place between 24 and 48 hours after operation. You may notice some swelling in your forehead, and it could move to the eyelids. The swelling could be unsymmetrical. It will heal without interruption, generally within 48-72 hours after the onset.
  • There could be some bleeding immediately following the operation due to the patron state. If bleeding occurs it is essential to apply pressure using gauze as long as it is necessary to reach.


A professional stylist can advise you to the most suitable option to treat your hair. Hair that is color-treated can be vibrant and healthy with the most effective products and the best hair transplant treatment.

If you have any questions about the treatment you receive following surgical hair restoration, contact us. Beverly Hills for hair restoration Beverly.

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