How To Care For Your Vehicle

If you’re truck driver, you may be like your truck is a home for you. You probably spend more time in your car than you do at your residence, and even the transportation firm which you work for assigns an entirely different truck for each job, you’ll come to know the various vehicles throughout your time at this particular company. If fleet maintenance isn’t your primary task, here are some suggestions to keep your car in good condition when you are driving, which will make your work and life much simpler.

Always make sure to check the tires

Tire blowouts are among the most common reasons for road accidents in the United States. The loss of control over your vehicle as a result of the blowout of a tire can be very dangerous and, frequently leads to deaths. To avoid the possibility of a blowout occurring while working, make sure to be sure to check the tires on your truck for fractions and pressure before departing to get there. Doing this does not mean that you aren’t averse to the personnel who are in charge of maintenance for fleets at your transportation company. It just indicates that you are concerned about the safety and health of yourself as well as your vehicle.

Always make sure you are checking the oil levels

Although running low on the oil in your engine may not be as risky as an accident with a blowout of a tire on the highway, it could result in the engine overheating and, eventually, stop working and leave you stranded until someone is able to bring the vehicle for maintenance and deliver you a replacement vehicle so that you can continue your trip. To avoid this issue be sure to check your levels of the oil before you put it into your vehicle, and request a refill in the event of a need.

Always make sure that the load is secured

The driving of a truck without a properly secured load is dangerous, illegal and is likely to cause littering. Thus among the crucial aspects of working on a truck is to ensure that loads on trucks are secured. The load of a truck secured with ropes or bungee cords is often a frequent sight on freeways However, ropes and bungee cords generally are not weight-rated. Rachets straps, tie-downs and cargo nets ought to be used in lieu, and the bed of the truck should be cleaned prior to loading in order to ensure there are no traces of debris remains by the previous load that could cause the load to slide about and slide off.

Always make sure to check your outdoor lighting

In some states driving with a broken taillight is considered to be a misdemeanor. There are different penalties however in Georgia the case is that you could face fines of up to $1000 and sent to prison for upto a year when driving with a damaged taillight. Even though imprisonment is rarely applied, you can avoid the stress of getting pulled over and possibly fined for an inoperable taillight by walking through the outside of your vehicle prior to you depart and making sure that all lights are in good working order.

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